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a stack of shirts produced via direct to garment printing

Direct to Garment Printing

Think of the that old printer in the living room at your parents' house. It's like that but bigger, newer, more expensive, and for shirts (and other things). Best for more intricate and multi-colored designs.
a shirt produced via screen printing

Screen Printing

The old-fashioned way to print your merch: by hand, one piece at a time, one color at a time. Laying ink for hours is sort of our kink. Best for designs with limited colors.
a hoodie with embroidered text on it


Get your design embroidered on a hat, shirt, or just about anything a needle can penetrate. We use a big, automated contraption that makes grandma's sewing machine obsolete.
a model poses for a picture in the studio

Studio Space

Where else would you find a grungy, multidisciplinary studio but Fishtown? Rent our space to shoot some photos for your new seasonal lookbook.
a stack of shirts ready to be shipped

Drop Shipping

If you let us hang onto your products, we'll send them to your customers so you don't have to. We can even run your webstore. It's basically free money. We just want to make you rich.